Bat Flats Art Competition

Eastern Broad Nosed Micro Bat

Full-sized Eastern Broad Nosed Micro Bat.

'New Art Form' judged a huge success!
"Hi there!  Help save us with your creativity... & we'll eat your mozzie problem away!"

 The Bat Flats Art Competition has now concluded... congratulations to our winners & everyone involved!

Uniquely combining art and wildlife conservation, the Bat Flats Art Competition (2015) introduced a new art form to the world – that of decorative homes for tiny micro bats, Mother Nature’s ‘Mortein’ for mosquitoes and sandflies.

Our esteemed and independent judge, Joe Eisenberg, OAM, Maitland Regional Gallery's recently retired Cultural Director, worked through a myriad of amazing entries to determine winners of the $10,000 prize pool... 

Then Tea Gardens hosted the largest exhibiiton of bat flats in the world... where visitors purchased many of the fabulous entries to pin up under their eaves at home (proceeds raised go toward promoting art and assisting endangered native species).

Winning bat flats are going on display along the local foreshore as part of the Myall River Art Walk program... so keep an eye out for them!


Taking out the $5,000 top prize was Angie Parkes from Carrington, Newcastle, for her entry ‘The Key To Our Existence’, a bat flat masterpiece featuring various found objects, including keys, bed springs and even a stove gas jet, to remind all that humans hold the key to micro bats survival.

Second prize ($2,000) was awarded to Chez Rands of Pindimar for her whimsical ceramic bat flat entry entitled ‘Bat House #3.

The Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest Men’s Shed took out third prize ($1,000) with ‘Possums Micro Bat Flat Resort’ – a veranda-wrapped house offering ‘a large interior for bat comforts’.

$500 each went to:

- Di Ayers of Hawks Nest for ‘Vacancy, Kids All Gone’ – described as a shoe house fantasy,

- Suzanne Fischer of Port Macquarie for the colourful ‘Bat-chelor Pads’,

- David Matheson of Tea Gardens for ‘Safe as Houses’ – featuring rustic old locks and knobs, and

- Gail Morphett of Hawks Nest for ‘Casa Batlo’, inspired by Antoni Gaudi’s famous house of the same name in Barcelona.

For a team effort of five bat flats, a Special Commendation certificate goes to Mount Eliza Secondary College at Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. Students aged 11, 12 and 13 produced the bat flats with the assistance of their local Men’s Shed.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who got involved and helped make this such a huge success!

To see the finalist entries, please click on this link:



You've still got the opportunity to help Australia's little micro bats - by either buying a bat flat (they're available at many Mens Sheds) or by making your own and hanging it under the eaves of your home.

Bat flats are not just the latest in creative pursuits, they vitally replace lost habitats. Micro bats can be as small as butterflies and many are listed as threatened. They provide a valuable service in eating 40 percent of their body weight a night in mozzies and other insects!

A bat flat can be beautifully creative or simply practical, quirky, fanciful or elegant.  

There's a guide to making one on this 'Bat Flats Requirements' link:

 Bat Flat Requirements


Contact for Bat Flats Art Competition

The Bat Flats Art Competition is now closed, however if you have any competition queries you can email us via our Contact Page.


Winning Bat Flats include: