Recent Works

Below is a small selection of recent artworks by our artists.

Look out for more in local businesses around our area when you visit...

And of course there is a great selection of works in The Gallery.

We refresh our array of arworks regularly, so be quick to claim the one you love!

Enquiries can be made via email.


 Flight by Ian Morphett

'Flight' by Ian Morphett


Magpie by Chez Rands

'Magpie' by Chez Rands

Mixed media


Seagulls by Lesly Stevenson

'Seagulls' by Lesly Stevenson



Swans by Sandy Shuetrim

'Swans' by Sandy Shuetrim


A Chime of Wrens by Lorna Hopcroft

'A Chime of Wrens' by Lorna Hopcroft


Gum Leaves by Sylvia Reczek

'Gum Leaves'

by Sylvia Reczek